Introduction to this guide

Welcome to the API reference of the Euro Payment Group GmbH. Within this guide you will be able to implement all available API's and services to enable you to connect to the Payment System of the Euro Payment Group GmbH

To be able to implement this specification and to connect to the Paymentpage API or the Paygate (S2S) API you need a MerchantId and MerchantGuid. Additionally you will need a Username and Password to log into the Backend. You will receive all of this information from the Operations Department (

Which API to use

The decision which APIs to use is based on your requirements and the requirements of your contracted bank. Although you may not have access to all APIs, you do have access to the complete documentation. For questions regarding contract possible Integration ways, please contact

  • Check your PCI-DSS status
  • Check your required Payment workflow

Where to test and integrate

EPG provides a dedicated system for integration purposes. Here you can test your integration and play around with the features of the provided APIs. This will also the place where you can test updates to the system before they will be deployed on the live environment.

  • No live card information on Integration System
  • No Test card information on live system